About Pratham Motors

Authorised Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Bangalore

The Bhasin family is well reputed in Kuwait and they are share holders in successful hotel chains in India. The family stepped into the Automobile Industry as a dealer of Maruti Suzuki. The dealership proudly calls itself "PRATHAM MOTORS" One of the biggest dealerships in Bangalore.

Pratham Motors started business in Bangalore in 2002. Mr. Shivy Bhasin is the Chairman of the company and he resides in Kuwait. His son Mr. Samar Vikram Bhasin is the Director and CEO of the company and he is actively involved in all the activities of the Company from his office which is in Sarjapur.

Authorised Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Bangalore


Mr. Samar Vikram Bhasin

Mr. Samar Vikram Bhasin
has been CEO of Pratham Motors Private Limited since inception April 2002.

He has graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York at buffalo, U.S.A.

Mr. Samar Vikram Bhasin has worked in the Marketing Department of a retail outlet chain in Kuwait for two years. From September 1998 till date, Mr. Bhasin has been working in the automobile field in Bangalore.

Email Id : ceo@prathammotors.com

Sales Department

Mr. Madhu. P

VP – Sales & Marketing : Mr. Madhu. P
He has 21 years of experience in Auto Industry. He is a post graduate in sales and marketing from University of Wales(U.K), Cardiff University. He joined Pratham Motors in 2005 as G.M Sales and Marketing. Under his guidance Pratham has spread their Sales footprint in Bangalore City as well as Rural Bangalore.

Email Id : vpsales@prathammotors.com

Service Department

Mr. Shivraj

VP (Vice President) : Mr. Shivraj
He has commendable experience of 40 years in Auto Industry. He joined Dealers of MSIL in 1998. His contribution to service department is remarkable. In his guidance Our Organisation has been awarded as 'Best PDI workshop' and the 'Best new workshop'.

Email id : vpworks@prathammotors.com

Mr. Rajkumar

Chief General Manager : Mr. Srinivasan
He is Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and completed MBA from Kazian School of Business Management (specialized in Marketing Management). He has total experience of 26 years and started career with Indian Institute of condition monitoring Pvt. Ltd. He worked with Sundaram Motor, Cummins Auto Services Ltd. Swaraj Mazda Ltd., Trident Automobiles, TVS & Sons Ltd for a short period and Prerana Motors. He has hands on experience in charting out service strategies and contributing towards enhancing business volumes and growth along with customer Satisfaction. Currently he is working as Chief General Manager - Service in Pratham Motors.

Email id : cgmworks@prathammotors.com.

Mr. Praveen Sebastin

AGM – Service – Queens Rd / Rajajinagar / Chintamani: Mr. Praveen Sebastin
A science graduate from the University of Mysore along with an MBA from National Institute of Management, Bangalore.Total experience of 12+ years in the automobile industry, worked with dealerships of Hero Honda two wheelers, Tata and Mahindra passenger cars.

Worked at various levels with a mix of roles and responsibilities into Customer relations, Operations, Sales and Marketing and business planning.

Email id : agmservice.queens@prathammotors.com.

Mr. Khasim

Works Manager : Khasim.
Khasim started his career in the Auto Industry as a Technician in the year 1998. He joined Pratham Motors in 2003 as a Service Advisor, in 2006 was promoted to Works Manager and is currently heading the Queens Road Branch.

Email id : wm.queens@prathammotors.com.

Mr. Prateesh

AGM Service : Mr. Prateesh
He started his career in the year 1994, and joined Pratham Motors in 2003 as Sr. Technician. Prateesh has been awarded Silver Master by Maruti Suzuki. He has been promoted to his current capacity as AGM(service) as a result of his dedication, technical knowledge and expertise.

Email id : agmservice.kudlu@prathammotors.com

Winning Team

Winning Team

Authorised Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Bangalore

  • Highest Selling Exclusive Ciaz Executive
  • Best performance in Ritz Ldi
  • RM Award
  • Highest growth in overall MGA Retail
  • Highest Growth in Sales Volume - Wholesale (More than 5000 numbers)
  • Highest Maruti Driving School Enrolments
  • Highest number of Cars Sold through Maruti Driving School
  • Best performance in Fleet Sales
  • Highest Sales of Ritz
  • Highest Ciaz Sales
  • Highest Growth in Diesel Models
  • Highest Percentage Replacement of 7 Parts
  • Best Representation in Corporate- Pratham became an only dealer across the country to log highest bookings in a single day in a corporate event conducted, In which all the global automobile manufacturers represented in the event from India
  • Runner Up MGA/Veh Performance - Accessories Managers Meet : South Zone – 2013 Pratham is awarded as a Runner up in a zonal level Maruti Genuine Accessories per vehicle performance, in which all the dealers across south region represented
  • No. 1 Dealer in South Zone (Maruti Driving School) - RM's Trophy by Maruti Suzuki for customer feedback and No. 2 across PAN India.
  • No. 1 Dealer in South Zone for "Customer Satisfaction"
    By JD Powers, 2013.
  • Twice in a row has been accredited as Platinum Dealer in Bangalore by MSIL (2010-11 & 2011-12 )
  • Best Performance in Relationship Sales, by a Dealer 2009
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference, 2009.
  • Excellence in Sales Award for Best Performance in Institutional Sales
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference, 2008
  • Best Spare Retail Award for Highest growth in Spare Retail for 2006-2007
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference, 2007.
  • Runner up;Best Performance Award Institutional Sales.
    Maruti Suzuki Dealers Conference, 2007.
  • Runner up 2006.Best Performance in Institutional Sales.
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer Convention – 2006
  • "CLUB 800 AWARD"
    for achieving 800 score in CSI tracking for Q3 - 2006.
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer Convention - 2007
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year.
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer Convention, 2006.
  • Best PDI Workshop for 2004-2005.,
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer's Conference, 2005
  • Best PDI Workshop for 2003-2004,
    Maruti Suzuki Dealer's Conference, 2004.
  • Category A Winner; Most consistent events for 2002-2003
    All India Dealer Conference, 2003.

Authorised Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Bangalore

Culture is a pattern of behaviors that is encouraged, developed & incorporated by like-minded people in a society (in our case, a company).

Pratham is now seven years old, & our culture has been developed enough to formalize it. Culture cannot be dictated by heads of society, leaders, or even directors / owners (as in our company). These are a set of behaviors / attitudes that are developed by the members of the society, or company.

In order for our company to grow & prosper in these changing times, it is very important that we identify & respect the culture we live by. It is of utmost importance that ALL members of our organization agree with & respect our culture…….. That is the only way we can grow in harmony & happiness.

Respect for all members of our Organization:

We are all working towards the same objective, & every member of our company is as important as the other. This means respect for everyone, including washers, maintenance staff etc is very important. There is a hierarchy and seniority within our organization that must be respected, however, aside from respecting our seniors, we all must appreciate the dignity of labor at all levels in our company. We are all part of the organization that works together to achieve our objective. This attitude brings mutual respect & harmony in our work environment.


We are all here to achieve our company objectives without compromising on our integrity & ethics. Honesty is expected & respected amongst us all. We would like all of us to be 100% honest & ethical to all our colleagues & customers. There is no place for unethical team members, who will lie or cheat their peers for personal gains. This is what creates faith amongst one another in our organization as well as with our customers.


We are a very young team, & many of us have started our careers here. The company respects all team members who work loyally towards the goals of the company. We are very keen on giving Opportunities for further growth within our organization before doing external recruiting. This increases opportunity for growth within our organization, along with reducing attrition.

Positive Teamwork:

We can only succeed if we work positively as a team. Our company should be broken up into different teams within departments & outlets. This sub classification of teams within teams will help us manage our organization better, & will increase accountability. Teamwork at a micro level also helps us identify the managers of the future. Each team should have a Captain & a Vice Captain. Managers can make this a very interesting aspect of our company, where teams are interchanged; Captains & vice Captains are appointed on rotation to give everyone an opportunity. Managers have the flexibility to create sub teams. This will help us identify successions plans for the future, groom managers for the future & increase motivation within our organization.

Ownership & Respect for the Workplace:

Work is Worship & our workplace is our Temple. We should not & cannot let it be abused. We should all feel the ownership to keep our workplace clean, respectful & livable. This means, bathrooms should be kept clean, lights & fans should be turned off while leaving the offices, litter should be picked up, etc. It is also our duty to point out to others who are not respecting our workplace. Managers & senior staff should lead by example. Damaging company infrastructure should not be accepted.

We are all here to Solve Problems:

Every country, society, & organization has problems. There are many who highlight problems but refuse to participate in finding long term solutions for the same. There are those who ignore problems with the hope that it will disappear & some who pass problems on to other Departments / Teams. We all agree that 'any company problem is our problem'. It is our duty to do our very best in 'solving' the problem. This will create ownership of processes within our organization. It will also encourage suggestions & systems that help us improve.

Transparency & Objectivity:

Miscommunication & Misunderstandings are the main downfall of any society. They can lead to groupism, nepotism, partiality & even mutiny. It is our collective endeavor to be as transparent & as objective as possible. We have to let everyone know that we are a fair organization that rewards performers. We must move towards a totally Objective appraisal & incentive system where performance is the only criteria. Numbers cannot lie. All staff should be encouraged to study & understand the appraisal & incentive systems. All deductions should be explained & staff should be encouraged to earn more by improving productivity.

Customer is our friend as well as our source of livelihood:

All the above principles are in vain if we cannot respect our customers. Their utmost satisfaction is the only way we can secure our future growth. Their convenience, their satisfaction & their trust is what we must strive for every day. All our trainings, systems & processes have to be made keeping the Customer as a focal point. We must not only strive to keep our customers happy, but we must strive in creating a friendship with them. This is done by calling them after any visit & constantly improving based on their feedback. All of us must be convinced that the Customer is the key entity that keeps our company running, & our salaries coming.

These are not just attitudes that help us as an organization, but are also learning's that can make us a better person in all walks of life. All members of Pratham must have these guidelines at the back of their mind during any interaction or work. This must be the cornerstones on which we base our growth. All policies, objectives, & decisions must be made keeping our culture in mind.

Letters of appreciation from Customers:

  Once again a great service, polite attentive staff, always,and very competitive service. It was a pleasure to see Pratham Motors which cares not only for your vehicle but treat their customers so nicely. Keep it rolling and I will continue to recommend Pratham Motoros Service to all. They came to my house and did a wonderful/excellent job in cleaning the car. It was shining more than at the time of purchase :). Everything was done at my doorstep without taking the car anywhere. Excellent work and great value from a top team. Along with honesty, integrity and excellence in service, I fully recommend Pratham Motors for service on any Maruti vehicle. I have been associated with Pratham Motoros for 7 years now and always it has been a more than great experience. Keep up the good service. You have stood for your service always.
Many thanks.
Best regards

  I Am doing service for my car regularly in Pratham motors since around 4 years. I am very Happy to share my experience with Elansezhain Executive, First time When I met I found him humble but all these years he made me fully satisfied with service. Every time I give him call and send my car for servicing he will verify thoroughly my car and calls me for multiple time to explain any minor issues and finally giving my car back nicely serviced. I am taking this opportunity praise him for his great support . Finally I met today another executive Santosh and I just found him he was also awesome and took care of my all my concerns. This made me to share my experience with my friends and relatives about Pratham motors and suggesting Pratham motors for better servicing. Great customer care and Great Service. Keep this up and All the best.
Best regards

  I had sent my Vehicle Maruti Celerio AMT last Monday with an issue of 5th gear not engaging while coming back from Calicut. The initial response from Pratham was not encouraging as I was being asked about oil change, general service and seat covers from Accessories !!!!!!!!!!. I was really worried about the current issue at hand which was a huge issue for me and my family while coming back from Calicut on 2 lane roads atleast till KA border and high speed high ways in KA. Calling up Mr Rajkumar at that point of time was probably the second best decision that was taken (The first being to buy the car from Pratham Bellandur in 2014). He took charge of the situation and was in touch with me atleast 2 times in a day before handing over the case to Mr Rajesh Shetty. I was also provided a loaner car without out which I could not have attended an urgent meeting on Wednesday in Domlur. The car was handed over to me back yesterday and appears to be working fine. I sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by these 2 gentle men and the other shop floor workers in Pratham in understanding my situation and helping out. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. I would wholly recommend Pratham Bellandur to my friends and relatives who are interested in buying Maruti vehicles.
Best regards

  Hi, it’s been a year I have taking service from Pratham Motors and that too also from same service manager Mr. Girish. I specially travel to Bangalore just for the sake of service as in Chennai Maruti Service is pathetic. Also my other friends travel from Chennai to Bangalore for the service sake. In short I will say keep it up Pratham motors for giving great service and special thanks to Mr. Girish who is taking care of my car as his own car.
Best regards

  I had my car serviced at pratam Bellandur. I must say tht I am very impressed wth the service, Mr Kulkarni was very forth coming in explaining to me in detail all my queries and anxieties, and assured me of a good job. As promised Mr Kulkarni did a fantastic job, and the pricing was very reasonable. Great work by the team. Thank-you. Will definitely come back for my next service and will recommend it to my frnds.
Best regards

  Dear Customer Care Team and Service Team:
This mail is to thank your team on their excellent job. I like to bring this to your notice, because it will not be fair if I walk out without saying a thanks to the engineers who served my car 30 Apr 2016.
Customer Care Team: excellent follow-up on the gentle reminders on my car service due dates – when your team call me I feel it’s not only a remainders, but it’s also a care on my car to get served at the right time. Thanks to the team and the system they practice. - Prabhavathi madam and team thanks for the keeping us engaged with Pratham
Technical Service Team: excellent knowledge ability to understand and address the issue. Thanks Kothandaraman Sir and Ganesh and colleague –Good knowledge ( I don’t know his name). You definitely ensure I will response to the Pratham next service request.
The entire team is not money minded they are service minded. Thanks for your support. The names I have mentioned is high level and there are lot of engineers and executives worked around to serve my car well. All the all the best in your career
Take Care,
Warm Regards,

  I am writing this small note of THANKS for the excellent service support provided by you during my last 2 services of my vehicle(Swift – TN-19-A-5811). I was a frustrated customer when I done my first service at your place and posted my negative feedback in mouthshut.com, you guys immediately listened to my story and helped me to sort the things, visited me in person and explained the whole process. Really appreciate your effort to restore the faith, this made me to come back to your service Centre and I have brought my friends too to experience the wonderful customer support. Please keep this momentum going, which will bring you more customers to your fold.
Wishing you all the very best

  I just got my Ritz done with 3rd service at Pratham. Please take this as a commendation , am pretty satisfied with the level of service offered and do keep up the good work 

 Thanks a lot for your whole hearted efforts in making me feel at ease. I feel proud to have had such a highly professional, friendly and humble team to train me, which made my driving course feel at ease and boosted my confidence.. The passion and patience of team are way above excellence. Right from the day of enrollment to conducting tests for DL, you made it such a smooth sail.
I can go on length and breadth but words would be short to express my gratitude to the team. Only I referring someone to the MDS would be a small token to express my gratitude.
Thanks a lot once again for such a wonderful experience you gave me which has carved a niche for years to come.
Hats Off to both the teams at Bellandur and Koramangala..!!

 I had a terrible service experience with my First Maruti car and before buying my second one (again Maruti!) my only consideration was to pick it up from a better dealer. And I am about to complete one year with my new car. Pratham service has been the best in town. I don't even remember when is the service due, you are called and informed about the service, then Pickup and Drop at doorstep and finally the service quality, they are simply world class. 

 I am extremely satisfied by the service offered by Irfan from Pratham Motors. He always maintains the highest levels of professionalism and exhibits very good service quality. I would personally like to thank him and Pratham motors for the quality of service and personal camaraderie. I am a customer of Parham Motors for the last 4 years. 

 I had a delightful experience with Pratham Motors (Bangalore- Outer Ring Road), specifically with CA Mathai . Pratham has provided me a different class of service when compared with the other previous services. Icing on the cake is that you have good service providers like CA Mathai who has alignment to all aspects of Service starting from Customer handling to On Time Quality Delivery

Indeed Mathai was referred by many friends of mine who had a similar enriching experience. To summarize , the below qualities i observed in him during the service of my car.

1. Availability : Mathai was always available to respond to my queries and set up an appointment to me.
2. Response time : Response time taken by Mathai was very less in answering all my queries related to car . He also provided me with info's on the services which Pratham provides.
3. Prompt and Quality Delivery : Mathai has ensured that the delivery was done on time with zero deviation on the Quality. He also made me feel a member of Pratham family by introducing to other fellow employees, thereby building the bond.
4. Validating the performance after delivery : Mathai has impressed me by tracking the quality of the work he has performed with the intention to improve his work. This is indeed something which everyone should appreciate him .

All these are my experience with the Pratham Motors and To be frank you have done a perfect JOB!! Cheers to Mathai

 It gives me great pleasure in informing you that only Pratham Motors Queen's road gave me a very warm welcome each time or in other words I can say anytime I was there with a service request. They also arranged me temp cars at request.

I would like to extend my whole hearted thanks to Anil Rao (GM), Pritesh, and Chandreshekar for their welcoming support and relationship and customer satisfaction. Thanks once again and looking forward to shake hands for more customer build up and a care with a smile. 

 Your services, i.e; both sales and workshop services are extremely satisfying and exemplary. As a thoroughly delighted customer, I rate your services at "10". All the personnel concerned at the show room and the work shop are very competent, courteous and customer-friendly though I have had direct and telephonic interactions with wonderful staff like Ms.Reena Patel, Mr.Byre Gowda etc who are, no doubt, shining examples of Pratham Motors. Kudos to them and many others whom I do not know by name. As a satisfied customer, I always feel privileged and honoured to personally compliment them whenever occasion permits. I will certainly contact you if there is any grievance. 

 I really appreciate Mr Harisha.U ( Spares in charge - Queens Road Branch) promptness to procure the spare part and replace it immediately although it was not a major job.

It is such a pleasure dealing with all the employees at the service station( Queens Road) branch of Pratham Motors. In fact I purchased my vehicle from the show room at Queens Road and even at that time it was a pleasant experience dealing with Anthony Praveen. L (Sr. Sales Consultant). It is very rare to come across employees who are so courteous and who treat the customer well.